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AdventGXtra is the monthly newsletter for the AdventGX team. Each month, look here for the latest information about new AdventGX projects and initiatives and learn about our newest AdventGX team members.
June 2007

:: AdventGX News
   :. AdventGX Board of Directors Meeting
:: Meetings/Presentations/Workshops
   :. Sonora Economic Development Initiative ASD Workshops
:: Projects
   :. Luz de Estrella Hires AdventGX
:: Team News
   :. Ulrike Gretzel Joins Executive Advisory Board
   :. Salih Yurttas Joins Executive Advisory Board
AdventGX News
AdventGX Board of Directors Meeting
AdventGX held its 2007 Board of Directors meeting on June 15th. In attendance:

– Dr Ron Robinson (Board Chairman)
– Dr Rick Giardino (Director)
– Dr Joseph O’Leary (Director – teleconfered)
– Dr Carson Watt (Director)
– Jose Quintana (President)
– Kelley Stewart (Comptroller and Corporate Secretary
– Chelsea Tatge (Intern)

The directors reviewed AdventGX’s activities and evolution since its incorporation, discussed models to scale up AdventGX’s professional services team and support for the ActiVets program.

Sonora Economic Development Initiative ASD Workshops
Sonora, Texas – AdventGX conducted a series of AGX Strategy Deployment (ASD) workshops with community leaders, citizens, and business representatives in Sonora on June 23 – 25. During these workshops, community members shared their ideas and vision for prosperity. AdventGX will help the community prioritize projects, functions, and tasks that need to be implemented to help Sonora’s residents realize their vision. This first phase of the project will conclude in an economic development plan aimed at leveraging the community’s existing assets and identifying Sonora’s best developmental opportunities. In addition to the workshops, AdventGX team members took the opportunity to explore the community and get to know many of its residents

Luz de Estrella Hires AdventGX
Luz de Estrella Winery – located in Marfa, Texas adjacent to the famous and mysterious Marfa Mystery Lights – hired AdventGX to support its rapid growth and to help develop a new
business component to compliment its current operations. “We are very excited about the prospects that this new opportunity will afford not only to Marfa but the Texas Mountain
region as well.” said Jose Quintana, president of AdventGX. “Having Luz de Estrella as a unique attraction supported by a strong regionally branded line of products will help the
concerted effort currently supported by the members of the Texas Mountain Trail and most rural communities in Far West Texas” he added. You can find more information about Luz de Estrella Winery at

Team News
Ulrike Gretzel Joins Executive Advisory Board
Dr. Gretzel is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University and Director of the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems in Tourism. She received her Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds a Masters degree in International Business from the Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration. Her research focuses on persuasion in human-technology interaction, the representation and strategic marketing of sensory and emotional aspects of tourism experiences, and issues related to the development and use of intelligent systems in tourism to support travelers’ information search and decision-making processes. In addition, she studies the motivations, attitudes and behaviors of consumer communities, including RV travelers.
Salih Yurttas Joins Executive Advisory Board
Salih Yurttas holds a PhD in Computer Science from Ege University, Turkey. He has been on the faculty of Texas A&M University, Department of Computer Science 1982-1991 as Visiting Assistant Professor and 1991 to present day as Senior Lecturer. He taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Texas A&M, Turkey, and People’s Republic of China. His main interest is Programming Languages Design and Implementation for Large-Scale software development. He has developed reusable, modular language collections in Ada, C++, Java, and several imperative languages.

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