SEAD After Dark Cigar Night

Saturday, November 4, was a new kind of After Dark event for the downtown community as cigar aficionado,  Christian Lynch,  appeared to host SEAD Gallery’s Cigar Night and speak on the art and ceremony of cigars and cigar rolling.

Set in our back-alley urban garden, the evening was an alluring one for newcomers and veterans alike as Lynch led the audience through a leisurely discussion over cigar making, differentiation, technique, and recommendations.

Sponsored by Cavalier Cigar Co., a local College Station tobacco shop, Saturday’s aromatic evening combined a rich cultural experience with good food, good company, and good spirits to create a night unlike any other for our downtown community.

Special thanks go to Christian Lynch, Cavalier Cigar Co., and SEAD Gallery staff for bringing this evening together. Bringing this event together would not have been possible without their combined efforts!

For more information about Lynch or Cavalier Cigar Co., please visit the links attached to their titles. For general interest inquiries, please visit the SEAD Gallery website or email Advent GX at We love our community, and we want to hear from you, so give us a holler!

November Downtown Bryan Night Bazaar

Friday, November 3, marks this month’s Downtown Night Bazaar for Bryan, an intimate evening in the heart of our downtown area for local artists and appreciators to gather, mingle, and deliberate over the high-quality craft of our community.

With coffee, stoneworks and jewelry, and soaps and body products on display, it truly felt like a trip to an exotic land as vendors poured into the SEAD Gallery to showcase their finest works and samples for the public eye. Between the bustle of the crowd and the glow of the lights, November’s Downtown Night Bazaar offered an old-world sort of atmosphere for our friends and family, and with it, a sense of wonder at the vibrancy of our local community.

With vendors both new and old making a welcome appearance at the Gallery just in time for the holidays, the Bazaar proved to be another unique experience in local artistry and entrepreneurship, one which AGX gladly embraces as part of its mission to promote community engagement and cultural preservation, as well as economic growth.  

For more information about November’s Downtown Night Bazaar, please visit the SEAD Gallery Facebook page or its website, linked here. For inquiries about the Bazaar or First Fridays, drop us a line at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Rhonda Brinkmann October Author Talk

October 19 marked another exciting evening at the SEAD Gallery and its Author Talk series. This month’s guest was Rhonda Brinkmann, author of the Darla King Mystery Series under the pen name Rosalee Richland.

Thursday’s Author Talk, served over cookies and tea, featured a dynamic conversation over coauthor collaboration and writing groups, since Brinkmann collaborated with fellow author, Cyndi Riccio, to bring the Darla King series to life.

Along with readings from the mystery series, Brinkmann offered her audience an exclusive look at her upcoming projects to provide a unique perspective on authorship and what it means to collaborate in a creative setting. When asked about such influences on her writing, Brinkmann credited to Brazos Writers, saying that “[t]his regional writing group has some excellent writers, multiple published authors, and programs and activities that inspire me to write—and challenge me to write better.”

October’s Author Talk was another in a series of community gatherings geared to bring local enthusiasts together for an opportunity to engage with local culturally and artistically minded people. It was a fun-filled evening of development and enrichment, and Advent GX looks forward, with the SEAD Gallery, to December’s Author Talk.

For more information about Rhonda Brinkmann and the Darla King Mystery Series, please visit the SEAD Gallery webpage for an exclusive interview with the author! For general inquiries about other future events, please contact us at We hope to hear from you soon!

Fiber Artist Amie Adelman Leads SEAD After Dark Class

On Tuesday, October 17, Advent GX (AGX) and the SEAD Gallery & Bookshop were proud to host Amie Adelman, associate professor and fibers coordinator at the University of North Texas, to facilitate an After Dark class on the history of thread in mathematics in art.

Professor Adelman, who served as guest juror for SEAD’s “Intersections” exhibit, honored us once more with her expertise as she first spoke about the discovery of descriptive geometry in 1765 by Gaspard Monge, and then worked her way through mathematical models from the nineteenth century, and concluded with a look at modern art from the beginning of the twentieth century to this day.

Served over fine food and wine, this class offered yet another in a sequence of unique fiber arts experiences for the Brazos Valley in partnership with Brazos Spinners and Weavers Guild, who have been working alongside Intersections to enrich the area’s appreciation and understanding of the fiber arts as a component of Bryan’s cultural heritage.

“The History of Thread in Mathematics in Art” marks another event in the Advent GX tradition of community and economic development by cultural exposure. By bringing new cultural and community events to the Bryan/College Station area, we strive not only to stimulate the cultural and intellectual climate of our community, but also to bring new impetus for economic development to the area.

Special thanks go to Amie Adelman, the staff at the SEAD Gallery for putting this event together, and our sponsor, Jennifer Fredericks of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Advent GX is honored to have welcomed our guest juror back to Bryan for further exploration on the history of fiber arts.

To learn more about Amie Adelman and “Intersections,” please visit the SEAD Gallery online or Ms. Adelman’s personal website. For further questions or comments, drop us a line at We love our community, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Software Developer’s Cartel Meets for October Gathering

Tuesday, October 17, Advent GX was proud to partner with the Software Developer’s Cartel for an evening of learning, networking, and best tech practices.

This month’s speakers were Tom Peck, a software developer for Serverless, and Dean Brundage, former software developer/system administrator.

Peck, the first to present, kicked off the evening with a lecture that’s tough to beat by discussing new fronts in serverless computing, the latest trend on Amazon Web Services. Highlighting Cognito, Lambda, and API Gateway, Peck explained how these new services provide a new way to build web applications and back-ends (which provides simplified access to data storage) for mobile apps. Think better security, lower cost, simpler maintainability, and greater scalability for your web and mobile applications.

Brundage, following this, offered a lecture titled “Break Out of the Loop”, which examined how software developers can improve their arduino programming using C++ classes. Focusing on multitasking with classes that perform specific actions, this was a great lecture for anyone with an interest in interactive objects and stimulus response (i.e. robotics).

October’s Software Developer’s Cartel meeting, as always, offered a unique community experience for our technically minded friends. By creating a space where hackers can interact, the Cartel continues to grow and maintain a community for curious and passionate hackers. Consequently, hosting October’s event at Ice House on Main was an honor for Advent GX. Together, Advent GX and the Cartel worked to create a space for community and professional development in Downtown Bryan. With this, AGX looks forward to potential opportunities and new experiences with the Software Developer’s Cartel in the future.

For more information about the Software Developer’s Cartel, please visit their website online. To learn more about AGX or the Ice House as a partner (venue), drop us a line at!

Brazos Spinners and Weavers Guild Brings Unique Experience to the Children’s Museum

Saturday, October 7, was an exciting spin-off for the Intersections juried fiber arts exhibit at the SEAD Gallery as the Brazos Spinners and Weavers Guild visited the Children’s Museum of Brazos Valley to bring unique experiences in yarnwork and art to the community.

In partnership with Advent GX, the Brazos Spinners and Weavers hosted a fun day of activities that included a spinning wheel demonstration, a “yarnbombing” of the You Build It house, and a make-and-take fiber arts craft station.

Since 1976, the Brazos Spinners and Weavers Guild has been bringing weavers, spinners, and fiber artists from the Brazos Valley together to share their passion for their art and craft with fellow artists and the public at large. This past week, the the Guild shared this love and knowledge with the community to create a singularly engaging experience for the Brazos Valley.

As part of Advent GX’s mission to create experience through innovation and development, this event combined interactivity with heritage preservation by making an historic art readily available for public immersion. Special thanks go to the Brazos Spinners and Weavers Guild, as well as the Children’s Museum of Brazos Valley, for putting this event together in the spirit of community development and cultural preservation.

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An Evening of Conversation with ‘Intellectual Jack of All Trades,’ Pascal Bruckner

On Thursday, October 5, Advent GX partnered with Dr. Richard Golsan and the France/TAMU Institute (the Centre d’Excellence, part of the Scowcroft Institute at Texas A&M’s George Bush School of Government and Public Service) to bring Pascal Bruckner to the SEAD Gallery. This evening marked another in a series of events focused on transforming Bryan into a vibrant center of community engagement and economic growth through the exchange of international ideas.

A ‘New Philosopher’ and prize-winning novelist, Mr. Bruckner was warmly introduced by Dr. Golsan, Director of the Centre d’Excellence, as an “intellectual jack of all trades” before being handed the floor to tackle some of the tough issues in France and abroad.

To kick off the evening, Mr. Bruckner first touched on the controversy surrounding Islamophobia before delving into the French reaction to recent terror attacks, and then concluding with a conversation on the recent past and near future of French-American relations. Following a Q&A, there was a sparkling reception over fine food, wine, and company as guests devoted the remainder of their evenings to conversation and deliberation.

Advent GX is honored to have collaborated with the Centre d’Excellence and Dr. Golsan to bring Mr. Bruckner to the SEAD Gallery as part of its mission to promote community and economic development through the global exchange of ideas, innovation, and art.

We’d like to extend a very special thanks to Pascal Bruckner for taking the time to sit down and share his perspective with us for an evening of cultural and intellectual convergence. Thanks also goes to the SEAD Gallery for hosting and the staff who made the evening possible.

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Advent GX’s President Appears on “Mindless Millennials” Podcast

September 30 marked an exciting day for Advent GX (AGX) as its president and CEO, Jose Quintana, was invited to appear on Mindless Millennials, a free-flow conversational podcast hosted by Texas A&M’s Bailey Mullins, which revolves around the life experiences of its guests.

Focusing on innovative programs to propel community and economic development, Mr. Quintana  discussed the myriad of programs and projects in the Bryan/College Station area that have established the historic downtown into an area of experimental economics, as well as his take on technology and business practices in the modern market.

The projects that Advent GX has been spearheading in the Bryan/College Station area are dedicated to preserving an authentic Bryan cultural experience while also developing the economic climate. Among these projects are the Grand Stafford Theater, the SEAD Gallery, the Distributed Urban Farming Initiative, and the Ice House on Main, which is currently at the center of many upcoming AGX developments that could mean big things for the downtown scene in the near future, including a coffee shop, microbrewery, and a farm-to-table restaurant featuring the culinary talent of Ronan Cooking, LLC.

Mr. Quintana’s invitation to appear on this podcast offered a unique opportunity for Advent GX to share these messages, as well as AGX’s mission, initiatives, and experiences over a more modern medium. For this, we would like to offer special thanks to Bailey Mullins for bringing Jose on the air to speak about our community and economic development programs.

To listen to the podcast episode, please visit Mindless Millenials online and look for Episode No. 22 featuring Jose Quintana. For questions or further information on the content of the episode, feel free to email us at  

Young Entrepreneurs Showcase at Ice House on Main

Wednesday night was an exciting evening for young entrepreneurs at the Ice House on Main. On September 27, Startup Aggieland held its annual First Look event in our new downtown venue for mentors, investors, and start-up entrepreneurs to network and share their ideas within the business community.

First Look 2017

First Look is an annual event hosted by Startup Aggieland, which describes itself as “[a] globally-recognized, award-winning, job creation program disguised as a multidisciplinary business incubator and accelerator” (, as a division of the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship and Mays Business School.

With the McFerrin Center, Startup Aggieland also hosted First Look in association with Blackstone LaunchPad and together, these institutions created an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the Bryan/College Station area to pitch their ideas and their businesses in a relaxed setting that promotes the good spirit in which networking thrives.

First Look afforded its Aggies more than an opportunity to live out the American Dream as young entrepreneurs–it offered Bryan/College Station professionals a chance to do so in a new setting that reflects the culture and spirit of its community and its university.

Advent GX is honored to have been a part of this event with the university. We are excited to hear what the future brings for its young business community, and look forward to possible partnerships in the future.

For more information about First Look or Startup Aggieland, please visit their website listed above. To learn more about Ice House on Main or Advent GX, please visit our website or shoot us an email at


August Software Developer’s Cartel

Things got technical again at the Grand Stafford Theater for this months’ Software Developer’s Cartel Meet-up. First, we heard from Matt Leonard and Joe Morgan of T STAR and Texas A&M University (TAMU) respectively on their collaborations at the intersection of the space and education industries. Afterwards we heard from Patrick Smith, the founder of Job Loop.


Tackling tough questions like how particles interact with each in microgravity and how can you anchor up to an asteroid, Matt Leonard of T STAR and Joe Morgan of the Texas A&M Universities ESET program, discussed how their experiments can help us improve our understanding of loosely associated surfaces and how these experiments give undergraduate students real-world experience. T STARS’ successful STRATA-1 mission produced 75GB of imagery and accelerometer data after a year on-orbit and is pending publication with the National Academy of Science. The Hermes mission utilizes a capstone team of Aggie undergrad ESET engineering students who, guided by T STARS and their experience with NASA, were able to design a series of experiments using the CubeSat form factor. Hermes, a microgravity experimental facility, will arrive on the International Space Station in October of 2018 for it’s 5 year journey. Hermes will be able to facilitate science experiments as well as simple payloads that fit Hermes’ design and operations constraints.


Closing out the evening, we heard from Patrick Smith, the creator of Job Loop. Job Loop, a “Tinder..for jobs” app, was the culmination of a realization Mr. Smith had while comparing European job search apps with job search apps available within the US marketplace. Noticing a gap in the market, he got work. Mr. Smith, who has a background in accounting, pulled from his knowledge of development teams that he gained while working with IBM’s Watson program to construct the app. By this time the mainstream competition had caught onto the “Tinder for jobs” idea. In order to differentiate himself from the competition, Job Loop pivoted to part time jobs aimed at college students. Requiring a “.edu” email address to register, Job Loop is expanding outwards from TAMU to  other universities beginning with Texas Tech University.


Join us again next month for another round of specialty cocktails and intelligent conversation at the Grand Stafford Theater.