community engagement

November Downtown Bryan Night Bazaar

Friday, November 3, marks this month’s Downtown Night Bazaar for Bryan, an intimate evening in the heart of our downtown area for local artists and appreciators to gather, mingle, and deliberate over the high-quality craft of our community.

With coffee, stoneworks and jewelry, and soaps and body products on display, it truly felt like a trip to an exotic land as vendors poured into the SEAD Gallery to showcase their finest works and samples for the public eye. Between the bustle of the crowd and the glow of the lights, November’s Downtown Night Bazaar offered an old-world sort of atmosphere for our friends and family, and with it, a sense of wonder at the vibrancy of our local community.

With vendors both new and old making a welcome appearance at the Gallery just in time for the holidays, the Bazaar proved to be another unique experience in local artistry and entrepreneurship, one which AGX gladly embraces as part of its mission to promote community engagement and cultural preservation, as well as economic growth.  

For more information about November’s Downtown Night Bazaar, please visit the SEAD Gallery Facebook page or its website, linked here. For inquiries about the Bazaar or First Fridays, drop us a line at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Rhonda Brinkmann October Author Talk

October 19 marked another exciting evening at the SEAD Gallery and its Author Talk series. This month’s guest was Rhonda Brinkmann, author of the Darla King Mystery Series under the pen name Rosalee Richland.

Thursday’s Author Talk, served over cookies and tea, featured a dynamic conversation over coauthor collaboration and writing groups, since Brinkmann collaborated with fellow author, Cyndi Riccio, to bring the Darla King series to life.

Along with readings from the mystery series, Brinkmann offered her audience an exclusive look at her upcoming projects to provide a unique perspective on authorship and what it means to collaborate in a creative setting. When asked about such influences on her writing, Brinkmann credited to Brazos Writers, saying that “[t]his regional writing group has some excellent writers, multiple published authors, and programs and activities that inspire me to write—and challenge me to write better.”

October’s Author Talk was another in a series of community gatherings geared to bring local enthusiasts together for an opportunity to engage with local culturally and artistically minded people. It was a fun-filled evening of development and enrichment, and Advent GX looks forward, with the SEAD Gallery, to December’s Author Talk.

For more information about Rhonda Brinkmann and the Darla King Mystery Series, please visit the SEAD Gallery webpage for an exclusive interview with the author! For general inquiries about other future events, please contact us at We hope to hear from you soon!